Best PSVN video games to play, from Resident Evil 7 Biohazard to Moss

Whether you already own a Playstation Virtual Reality headset or you’re thinking of investing in one, there is a wide selection of VR compatible games to experience on your Playstation 4 console. 

From solving puzzles in the family-friendly game Moss to surviving nightmarish horrors in games like Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, here are some of the best Playstation VR compatible games.

Set within a sinister plantation mansion in modern day rural America, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard provides an all new terrifying experience, as you now play from a first person perspective.

The survival horror game from Capcom can be played fully from start to finish in the up close and personal Playstation VR Mode, meaning you’ll find yourself fully immersed and face to face with the horror like never before.

One Amazon customer wrote: ‘Resident Evil is a scary enough game when you’re playing it normally. When you play it in VR it’s absolutely terrifying! A fantastic game and well worth it!’

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If you have children or prefer to play less-violent games, Moss is a beautifully immersive game packed with puzzle-solving and exploration as you encounter intriguing creatures, ancient artefacts and stunning, panoramic views.

Moss sees you play as brave new hero, Quill, a young mouse wanting to break out of her confinements. Communication and shared experiences help to build your bond with Quill and helps to lead you both to victory.

One Amazon shopper commented: ‘If VR leaves your stomach rolling, I’d strongly suggest spending some time with Moss. Beyond being a beautiful narrative adventure built on 3D platforming and puzzling, Moss gives the player an interactive third-person perspective across its lush game world that doesn’t cause any sense of nausea.

‘Character animation and environmental design are stunning throughout, while player manipulations within the game world are straightforward but satisfying. Combat is perhaps a little simplistic but Moss is clearly more centered on storytelling and puzzle solving. A charming experience from start to finish. A must-have for PSVR users.’

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Creative, heartwarming and emotional, Concrete Genie follows the character of Ash, an isolated and bullied teenager who sets out to cleanse his polluted town by bringing his paintings to life.

While Concrete Genie’s main game isn’t VR compatible (but still worth playing), it also features two separate PSVR game modes. VR free Paint mode, which lets you paint vivid and colourful creations in a first person perspective, and VR Adventure, which is an additional 45 minutes.

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A must for any horror fans who want to experience the fear of fighting to survive.

This nightmarish VR rollercoaster from hell experience combined with elements of a classic arcade shooter, sees you duck and dive as you shoot your way through a horde of creepy enemies and monsters in seven fright-filled levels.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood features multiple paths to take and themes to scare you, each play through is different from the next.

One customer left this five star review: ‘Rush of Blood: Until Dawn is a great introduction to PSVR and is much longer lasting than ‘PlayStation VR Worlds’.

‘You are on a rollercoaster that quickly turns into a nightmare as you enter various horror themed coasters. These different stages are as terrifying as they are satisfying and you are required to blast the bad guys away with your guns (Playstation Move controllers), whilst collecting weapon upgrades and eventually getting to the end of level baddie. It’s basically a shooting range game on rails but boy is it a good one!

‘The immersion in this game is fantastic. You really feel that you’re there on that coaster and the jump scares and freaky things you’ll see will scare you to death and creep you out at the same time!

‘This game is super scary. Seriously! It still scares me when I play it today. That’s the other good thing. This is actually a great game, not a demo disk or experience. You’ll come back to this again and again – if you dare!

‘Absolutely brilliant game that is highly recommended. Lots of longevity and an absolute ton of fun!’ 

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Step into battle as you fight side by side with a unit of elite mercenaries. Firewall Zero Hour sees you work together with other players during an intense battle to steal or protect vital intel.

Using the precision tracking of the PlayStationVR Aim Controller and with full freedom of movement, you must make quick tactical choices, devise strategies and strike at will to lead your team to victory in this 4v4 multiplayer tactical shooter.

One customer wrote: ‘Best game on any VR platform. Great 4v4 tactical shooters. They have updated it three times already and more maps and bits fixed.

I’ve played online with people from three other countries with no lag and it was so much fun. I don’t think I ever played with people that far away on a game and not get lag. It is hard to kill so when you do it’s so satisfying. You 100 per cent need a PlayStationVR Aim Controller.’

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