Scientists design a plasma-powered jet propulsion system

Scientists have developed an environmentally-friendly plasma-powered jet propulsion system that uses air and electricity to propel itself forward.  A Chinese team say their prototype can generate thrust on the same magnitude as a commercial jet engine without burning fossil fuels and emitting greenhouse gases. The device converts high pressure air into a jet of plasma … Read more

Twitter tests warning message in iOS that asks users to re-think potentially ‘harmful’ replies

Twitter begins testing warning message in iOS that beckons users to think twice before posting potentially ‘harmful’ replies A moderation feature on Twitter beckons users to think twice before replying  It serves a message to users who may be about to post a ‘harmful’ reply The features is currently being tested on iOS  By James … Read more

Brits are the most concerned about coronavirus, study suggests

Britons are more concerned about the coronavirus than people in any other country, including Spain and Italy, according to a new study. UK researchers conducted surveys on nearly 7,000 people’s thoughts and fears about the virus between mid-March and mid-April, across 10 different countries. While the UK came at the top of the pile, Spain … Read more

Researchers shrink complex brain-reading tech that can take up an entire room to the size of helmet

Mind-reading helmet that picks up brain’s electrical signals to be released this year after researchers shrink complex tech that can take up an entire room Two helmet-sized devices developed by Kernel can read a wearer’s brain activity The device stands in stark contrast to much bulkier brain-scanning machines Kernel says it will be ready to … Read more