Trigger warnings on TV shows may worsen bad memories, study claims

Warning messages at the beginning of TV programmes can make traumatic memories worse, a new study warns.  In experiments, Australian researchers discovered that trigger warnings made the emotional impact of being reminded of a traumatic event worse.    Warning messages may not adequately prepare people to recall a negative experience, but may instead prolong bad memories, … Read more

Greenhouse gas emissions are causing Earth’s stratosphere to SHRINK

Earth’s stratosphere is shrinking due to greenhouse gas emissions, and it could have a devastating effect on satellite operations and GPS, experts have warned.  A study by Charles University in Prague found the region of the atmosphere from 12 to 40 miles above the Earth has been shrinking by 328ft per decade.  The team predict … Read more

Scientists develop the ‘holy grail’ of EV batteries

Scientists in the US claim to have developed the ‘holy grail’ of electric vehicle (EV) batteries using a design inspired by a BLT sandwich.  The battery, developed by Harvard experts, is lithium metal, rather than lithium ion found in EVs that are already on the market.   The BLT-inspired design overcomes the issue of dendrites – tiny, … Read more