Controversial facial recognition company Clearview AI considered for coronavirus contact tracing

The controversial facial recognition company Clearview AI is in negotiations with several unnamed federal agencies and three US states to provide contact tracing services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Company founder and CEO Hoan Ton-That confirmed the negotiations were ongoing but declined to specify which agencies or states are considering the company’s services. Ton-That said the … Read more

Reddit kills chat feature after complaints from moderators that it made forums prone to abuse

Reddit kills chat feature after just one day following backlash from moderators who say they rolled it out without warning and that it leaves users open to abuse The ‘Start Chatting’ feature was taken down after complaints from moderators The feature allowed users to create random chat rooms within subreddits Moderators say it hindered their … Read more

Chinese manufacturers begin making ‘anti-virus’ cars designed to minimize coronavirus transmission

China’s anti-coronavirus cars: Buttons and consoles with anti-viral coating and powerful air filters with UV light to sterilize the air are among new features being developed by automakers to protect motorists Chinese auto company Geely has announced its new ‘Healthy Car Project’ The company will offer new filtration systems to screen out viruses and bacteria … Read more