Microsoft to preview Xbox Series X real-time gameplay and says games may be delayed by coronavirus

Microsoft is previewing its Xbox Series X with real-time gameplay next week – but admits the new console’s games could be delayed due to coronavirus Microsoft will demonstrate real-time gameplay of the Xbox Series X next week Xbox’s Phil Spencer says the console will be on time but games may be delayed The demonstration will be … Read more

Global smartphone sales show the ‘biggest decline ever’ 

Global smartphone shipments have fallen by 16.8 percent due to worldwide lockdowns to stop the spread of coronavirus, reports analyst firm Omdia. Phone vendors such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei are feeling the pinch from production shutdowns at factories, product launch delays and stunted consumer demand. In the first quarter of the year – from … Read more

Adding 10 percent more tree canopy in Philadelphia could prevent over 400 premature deaths a year

Adding 10 percent more tree cover in Philadelphia could prevent 403 premature deaths a year and generate $4billion in new economic activity, new study finds A new study calculated the benefits of adding more trees to Philadelphia The team found that increasing the tree canopy 10 percent could save 403 lives A healthier population would … Read more

Mowing your lawn just once a month could attract 10 times as many bees

Mowing your lawn just once a month could attract 10 times as many bees by boosting flowers like daisies and white clover, according to new research. Simple changes in mowing habits can increase the available nectar for bees and other pollinators tenfold, findings from conservation charity Plantlife reveal.  The charity’s annual citizen science project found … Read more

Venomous lionfish are threatening native marine life in the Mediterranean

‘Most damaging invasive fish species known to science’: Venomous lionfish are thriving on the Southern European coast and threatening native marine life in the Mediterranean Lionfish — Pterois miles — were first seen off the coast of Cyprus eight years ago Researchers fear that the species has now established a significant population They found individual lionfish … Read more